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Is Your Credit Union Ready To “Proactively”
 Address Today’s New Lending Challenges?

Dear Fellow Credit Union Manager,

Between the sub-prime fiasco, the Credit Crisis, and a deflationary recession – our role as “risk manager” just got a lot tougher. And, it promises to get even tougher as this recession drags on – that is – unless you have the necessary tools to “proactively” adjust to each change in the economy. 

Let’s face it – single-rate traditional lending is just too risky in today’s economic environment.  Your "average" single loan rate is either to high to attract sufficient low risk borrowers, or, to low to cover potential losses from high risk borrowers. You settle for the "average" risk member and then hope for the best.  If you’re still using this type of lending – you will find it increasingly difficult to compete in the lending marketplace.

Risk based, or tiered rate, “pricing” took lending to the next level, but didn’t go far enough.  It did acknowledge the different risk levels and then attempted to price the anticipated risk for each level accordingly.  It failed, however, to utilize the wealth of data that exists behind the "graded paper".  Like single-rate lending, you’re forced to respond to a changing marketplace with “reactive assumptions”.  You assume you’ve priced each risk level appropriately and then hope for the best.  There is a better way.

Risk basedlending” begins where risk based “pricing” ends – and then takes your entire loan portfolio to a new level.  A level that uses simple risk management tools to better identify, monitor, and manage each risk component. You easily identify trends and then price each tier as you “proactively” respond to developing economic changes – with greater confidence, clarity, and control. 

"Risk Based Lender -- The Credit Union Solution”
is a proven risk based lending solution,
with a 15+ year track record, and is
used by more than 275 credit unions worldwide.

With this package, you will quickly learn how to become a proficient and confident risk based lender:

  • First, you learn the basic what, why, and how of risk based lending.  From there, you build the "foundation" of your risk based lending program with easy step-by-step set-up.

  • Next, you customize the package according to your own credit union's unique goals and objectives.  The manual contains a variety of underwriting options.  I discuss the pros and cons or each option and then you choose which to include and which to reject. This is not a one-size-fits-all package.  You remain in complete control of every aspect of the set-up process and adapt it to your credit union's lending style -- as you see fit.

  • Finally, we move beyond risk based pricing and discover how to use the simple analytical tools to unlock the wealth of information that exists within your risk based lending database.

    • Simple tools that help you actually visualize your loan portfolio -- as if it were a 3-dimensional sculpture  -- complete with the ability to mold and shape your portfolio as desired.

    • Tools that help you become a proactive lender, with the ability to identify and adjust to changing internal and external variables and/or trends, and,

    • Tools that help you monitor and control default risk, as you significantly boost profitability and member service.

Act today and take advantage of the 100% risk-free trial offer to discover for yourself why this package is the top-selling risk based lending package in the credit union industry.


David R. Miller
Credit union manager for over 34 years, and,
President, Risk Based Lender, LLC

P.S.   For over 15 years, I have offered a single or dual risk score option – with preference towards the dual risk score as better protection against changing economic conditions.
Fair,Isaac, creators of the FICO score, recently confirmed that belief when they addressed the current credit crisis and stated:  “the use of multiple scores will have a greater yield in managing the ongoing downturn in the credit cycle   (page 8, INSIGHTS: Managing Risk in the Credit Crunch, Number 5, June 2008)

Some reasons why this risk based lending package
is a Win-Win-Win-Win
for your credit union:

Your members win because this program helps you:

  • Serve a larger segment of your membership:
    Now you can break through the barriers of single rate lending and say
    "Yes" to more loan requests from your members.
  • Offer your low-risk members the rates they deserve:
    They've proven their credit worthiness and have earned the best possible rates.  Now you can offer the rates that will bring their low-risk business back through your credit union's doors.
  • Provide faster service to all your members:
    Streamlined evaluation procedures and clear-cut guidelines means faster service for everyone.
  • Approve more loans for many (not all) of your higher-risk members.
    "Tiered-rate" lending allows you to approve more of those "borderline loans" that were previously denied.

Your Board wins because they have the ability to:

  • Improve member service and boost good-will:
    Faster loan processing and more approvals means happier members.
  • Increase profitability while you reduce loan default risk:
    More approvals means more income and a better bottom line.  Plus, managed risk means less delinquencies and loan default.
  • Insure complete accuracy and fairness:
    Reduce subjective decision errors with clear-cut lending guidelines.
  • Better monitor loan trends and loan officer performance:
    The simple, but effective tools, included with this package provide a wealth of information that increases performance and efficiency.

Your Staff wins because you will be able to:

  • Reduce staff workload:
    as you effectively boost morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  • Increase loan officer efficiency:
    Your loan officers will process more loans -- in less time -- with greater efficiency.
  • Reduce Loan Officer Stress:
    Clearly defined and established underwriting parameters reduces the stress associated with subjective/judgmental decision making.

And, You win because this "hard-copy" solution includes:

  • Step-by-step set-up instructions:
    The transition is easy with detailed step-by-step set-up instructions. 
  • Multiple set-up options:
    You have the ability to customize the program to complement your credit union's unique goals and objectives.
  • Complete staff procedural training and guidelines:
    Staff training is a breeze with the detailed explanations and guidelines. 
  • Board of Directors Proposal:
    A complete and detailed board proposal on disk (Microsoft Word format) for easy customization.
  • Risk Based Lending Policy:
    Also included on a floppy disk in Microsoft Word format for easy modification.
  • Loan Officer Log:
    NCUA Examiners and Supervisory Committee Auditors appreciate this simple yet highly effective tool.  It also serves as the data source for all trend analysis and revalidation studies.
  • Unlimited Free Support:
    You're never left out on a limb with an unresolved issue. If you ever have a question or concern, a solution is only a phone call (or email) away.
  • Client's Only Section:
    Keep up to date with the latest downloadable revisions and news about risk based lending.  
  • 100% 365 day "Risk Free Guarantee":
    Take a full 365 days to evaluate the program -- if you are not completely satisfied - simply return it for a prompt, hassle-free refund of your purchase  price). That's it -- no strings -- no gimmicks -- no risk -- and no hassles.

 What type of "solution" is this package?   It's...

The Credit Union Solution
This lending system was developed specifically for credit unions – by a current credit union CEO\Manager  -- with over 32 years experience in credit union lending and management. Although the program is based on the latest research by industry experts in credit evaluation, its foundation is firmly built on the credit union philosophy.

The blended "Dual-Risk Score” Solution
Unlike other risk based lending programs that focus only on the risk of "delinquency default", this program uses a "blended" dual-risk score matrix that measures both delinquency and bankruptcy default risk. 
Just as a braid is stronger than a single strand, this matrix was designed to be stronger (more predictive) than the sum of its individual scores.  To accomplish this, each tier level was tested, adjusted, and then blended into a cohesive matrix.  This "blending" resulted in a risk assessment matrix that was stronger than the use a single risk score or the use of two unblended risk scores. 

Although I recommend the use of two risk scores, you do have the option to set-up the program using only one risk score.

The Simple Solution
If you're like most credit union managers, you wear many “different hats” within the organization -- which means you need simple, straight forward solutions -- that are effective yet easy to implement.  I’m a firm believer in the “KISS” principle and this program reflects that belief.  Follow the simple step-by-step guidelines and your transition will be smooth and problem free.

The Flexible Solution
This package has built-in flexibility that allows you to “mold” the program to meet your own credit union’s own lending objectives and guidelines.  The manual takes you step-by-step through the setup options and procedures.  When different options are available, I discuss the pros and cons of each – and then you choose the option that best meets your credit union's goals and objectives.  That means that you stay in complete control of every facet of this program. 

  • You determine your credit union's risk tolerance levels and establish the appropriate parameters within those levels.

  • You draw your own “line in the sand” to separate acceptable from unacceptable risk levels (automatic denials).

  • You choose what to do with your current under-writing guidelines and how or if you wish to incorporate them into this program.

  • You decide when and if you want to modify the underwriting parameters in order to meet short-term goals, address changing economic conditions, and/or realign your loan portfolio composition. 

The "Hardcopy" Solution
This system is not a software program.  It doesn't need to be.  It's a simple, straight-forward, highly effective lending system that can be fully customized.
It's a journey that we take together with step-by-step instructions and guidelines.  You will quickly learn how to become a "risk based lender" -- rather than simply a software user.  As the system continues to evolve, there may be add-on software modules -- but those add-ons will be options -- not a requirement.
If you currently use an automated system, you should be able to incorporate the lending parameters into that system (depends on the system).

The Cost Effective Solution
This package sells for a small fraction of the price of competing single-rate risk based lending programs.  For less than the cost of attending a seminar that tells you why you should be involved in risk based lending -- you can own the most complete package on the market -- risk free.

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What other credit unions are saying:

"From the first page of your Risk Based Lender - The Credit Union Solution, I was hooked!  Saying that you have mastered risk based lending would be an understatement.  Thank God you have crammed your endless research into one perfect package for credit unions..."

Robin Simpson
Lanier Federal Credit Union

"I think your program is the most comprehensive and understandable of all of the RBL plans I have come across.  Thanks for a program that keeps it simple."

Ted Glunt
Altoona Postal Employees Credit Union

"I have to give you an update on your program.  We are 100.1% loaned out, our delinquency ratio is .16%, and we're making money hand-over-fist.  The members love the program and so do we.  Thanks again!"

Joan E. Wagner
Saratoga Springs Federal Credit Union

"Having managed  this credit union for 21 years, I was appreciative of your approach to the issues as well as the clear and concise way that the material and method was presented."

Wendy Bailey
Dor Wic Federal
Credit Union

"After a year of using the matrix, our turn around time is quicker, all loans use the same criteria, and we're able to lend to members that may not have gotten loans before. Thank you Dave for all your help."

Gail Isles
Falls Federal Credit Union








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